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Sometimes, less is more!

Reduce the added stress on your hair, and make a switch with our 2 steps, specially formulated with 11 Oriental Herbs RATU Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioner and achieve renewed life on your hair!

Rambut you akan definitely become stronger than ever! .

They say, RATU is affordable. With this price, masalah rambut gugur you will reduce day by day. .

Thick and luxurious! You only need a very small amount to get that moisturized hair! But we can’t guarantee that RATU won’t leave you wanting more! LALALALAAAA *happy face hihi .

On serious mode : Inspired by the simplified beauty of the olden days, RATU exudes the regal elegance of women of yesteryears with its uncomplicated 2 steps routine in attaining sumptuous hair.