Maymom Replacement Valves (2x) & Membranes (4x) for Medela and Spectra Breastpumps

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Maymom Replacement Valves (2x) & Membranes (4x) for Medela Breastpumps are conveniently designed to fit all models of Medela breastpumps except Freestyle/Swing Maxi.

Maymom valves are designed with a steeper slope so breastmilk flows through easily while the membranes are more flexible than Medela membranes, allowing them to respond faster to pressure changes during pumping. BPA free and steam safe, these Maymom products can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water. Each set comes with 2 valves, 4 membranes and a transparent box for better protection!

Also compatible for use with ALL versions (S1 s2, m1, 9, dew 350 etc) of spectra pumps.