Elephant shape Montessori Maze Game Fine Motor Skills

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This is Wood Pounding Bench

  • High quality and pure hand-polished, smooth without burrs.Solid and resistant to drop fall.
  • Smooth and burr-free, protecting every inch of your baby's skin.
  • Durable and child safe, contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes.
  • Ideal for Workbench Pounding, Color Cognition, Number Cognition, Shake Gear.

Educational Pounding and Hammering Toys

  • Safe water-based paint, bright colors, full paint film without fading
  • Research shows that pounding and hammering toys are suitable for nine months' baby.
  • The benefits of hammering and pounding toys include hand-eye coordination, building arm strength, concentration and focus.
  • A Perfect Partner in the growth of baby through the early childhood.

Fun hammering and Pounding Toys

It is not only a mole toys , but also an elephant towing a cart. This hammering toy is designed as a funny cartoon image for children, and designed this wooden hammer toy into the shape of an elephant, which is cute and interesting.